Minggu, 18 September 2016

Experience at Megantara, SMA Negeri 3 Bandung Festival Culture

On Saturday, 10th September 2016 I went to Megantara. Megantara is an acronym for Mega and Nusantara. It is a cultural festival for everyone to enjoy. I went to Lapangan Bali at 7:30 AM to participate in the parade before the event. I wore pangsi, a traditional Sundanese clothes. There were a lot people join the parade, we went from Bali Street to Belitung Street, Sumatera Street, Merdeka Street, Jawa Street, then back to Bali Street promoting Megantara. After the parade, my friend and I went to school to change our clothes. After changing our clothes we waited for dzuhur prayer in our school before going to Megantara. After dzuhur prayer, at 12:30 AM we went to Lapangan Bali. It was the place for Megantara, then my friends and I gave our tickets and went in. We got a drink at the entrance, then we walked in. The places were divided by many sections and a large stage, the sections is named after Indonesia Islands. The places were decorated with a lot of  traditional patterns. Each section represented their traditional cultures such as traditional food. Then I went to the food stand and bought fried rice for my lunch, it tasted really good and the size is big. Then I went near the stage to watch the traditional groups performed. They were Kelompok Paduan Angklung 3 (an angklung orchestra from my school), Jaipong Dancers, Bali Dancers, and many more. Then, I bought some foods and drinks. I met a lot of my friends when I was in Junior High School. They also wanted to see the festival themselves. In the afternoon the people started to come flooding the place, around 4:00 PM. When the stage was empty, I went for ashar prayer then went back to saw the performances. There was traditional fashion show that was done by SMAN 3 grade 10 students, wearing traditional clothes from each provinces. After that, there were speech from Bandung mayor Mr. Ridwan Kamil and wayang performance. After that, my school theater performed with a cultural theme. The performance was unique and funny. Then, I did Maghrib prayer and went home by myself

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