Senin, 29 Agustus 2016

Experience At World Tournament and Techno Fest (WTTF)

On Saturday, 20th August 2016 I went to the school for parcitipating in the event called "World Tournament & Techno Fest 2016" also known as WTTF. I went to Lapangan Bali wearing black t-shirt and red handband to differentiate from the other class. I met my classmate there, before 6.30 a.m.. Every student from 32019 (my year) and 32018 (senior) must join or participate in the event. This event was organized by OSIS so we can try to speak english for one day. If we spoke bahasa Indonesia we got reduction or minus in our score. At 6.30 p.m. the event started with a speech, and we were matched with our seniors (XI IPA 2). Then, we listened to the introduction of this event. In short, our galaxy has been destroyed. We must go to post or planets and play challenges or games there, if we win we will get a piece of our galaxy (puzzle piece) to restore our galaxy (complete the puzzle). There was also other things, The Aliens. If we hit them with water balloon, we took a puzzle piece from them. But, if we get hit by them, we must gave a puzzle piece to them. The aliens wore raincoat. After that, we went to SMAN 3 Bandung for clues like a map.

Our first clue from the map was to go to the historical building, so we went to the main building of SMAN 3 Bandung. In front, there is the first post/planet. The contestants must ate a plate of spicy noodles as fast as possible. Unfortunately our class lost the first post. Then, we went to XI IPA 3 in the big hallway. The contestants of this planet must played Tekken, a fighting theme video game. Each class represented by 3 persons. It was a close fight, but we lost again. Then we go to Taman Musik (Music Park) in Bali Street. In that planet we played "Ranking 2" or second rank. It was a parody of the famous TV show.  Our goal was to be the 2nd rank. 5 persons from each class must answered general knowledge. Our class won because everyone eliminated except one person from our class. After that we went to the next planet located in the indoor field in Lapangan Bali. There, 5 persons from each class played soccer game called (Pro Evolution Soccer) for 5 minute. My class lost 1-0. After that, we went to basketball field to play quiz about technology. My class representative won. In the soccer field, we played some flappy bird. I also played with some of my friends, 15 seconds each. I score 10 points, then we won the game. Then, 10 persons from each class played protect the queen. We must take the opponent scarf shaped like armbands to win. My class lost again, but we get a piece from hitting an alien. Then we walked to Tongkeng Park, for 20 minutes. There, we made a robot using trash. Our creation wasn't great but good enough to make us win. Then, we took a break to eat and pray in the mosque. After that, we go to photography park and 2 persons from each class play twister. They were told to follow the instructions. My class won this game very quickly.

After we finished, we went back to SMAN 3. I walked with some of my friends, the other used public transportation. When we arrived at SMAN 3 we were told to go to Lapangan Bali because of Alien Attack! Because time's almost up, we just need to took the pieces from the alien. We only got 1 piece. Then, we put together all the puzzle pieces. I think we cheated a little because some of the others puzzle pieces that belong to our seniors were kept by us. So they had missing pieces. So, 32019 was victorious. And there was also prizes for the best class and giveaways. It was a fun and unique experience.

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