Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

My Last Holiday

On my last holiday in 2016, the holiday after the first semester in my school. I stayed at home. It is because of my father. He was still studying in the university. So, my family didn't go to my grandmother's house in Palembang. My family didn't go out much, we only went to some restaurant and PVJ. But relatives came to Bandung to visit my grandmother that lives here. So I met them in my grandmother house and talked, shared stories with each other. Everyday, If I have no other activity I played video games both alone and multiplayer with my friends. Usually I play with my friends on saturday night, so when holiday we play together everyday, every time, as long as we can. I played DOTA with my friends, my friends and I already play it since junior high school. Because of it, we still play together, have fun together, and still in touch with each other. Not only DOTA, I also played singleplayer games. Luckily, a famous developer give some of their games for free. I played and finished a singleplayer game titled Assassin Creed 3, it was good and it was very charitable from them for giving games. I didn't care that the games that they gave me were old and outdated. They were some of the best games in their histories. Until now i still have some of them not yet played. I also love the school holiday because of the sales at the online market called Steam. They was very kind every holiday, by selling almost all of their games in discounted price. So I bought one of the games I wanted. I played that game too during the holiday. It was Total War: Shogun 2, it was a game about wars in old Japan. I didn't finish the game because I lost my several attempt at beating the game but it was a lot of fun playing it. I also spend a lot of my time watching interesting youtube videos, especially about game. I watched a lot of videos, a lot of it pretty much an hour long. It was pretty much all of the activities in my last holiday. It was great, I spent my holiday with my own way of relaxing. I can't wait for my next holiday.      

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