Sabtu, 25 Februari 2017

Learning from Nature

Learning is the most essential thing in a civilizations and cultures. By learning we will have a lot of knowledge. By having a better knowledge we can advance our society to be more civilized. We learn everyhing from the moment we were born. At first we were not told by someone to do something. We were not directly taken to school when we born. But we observe our surrounding, we learn from nature. We learn to know ourself, our parents, our home through observation. Then, we learn more exact things from other people. Learning from nature is the most important step of learning. Because we can simply observe nature and learn from it. We are not wild animals, we can see in nature that animals behave however they like. Because humans have brain, we  have consciousness. We should not act solely based on our instinct, we do everything by our belief. We are intellectual beings that can learn. We are the most intellegent creature, but we also make the most mistakes. Making a mistake is alright, but learning from our mistake is the most important part. This process of learning will happen indefinitely because humans are not perfect and will never be. But we can try to do the best for everything. We can try to improve everything.
Nature is everything that surrounds us, animals, plants, and the environment. We lived alongside them, in the environment. We learn to harness nature power for our needs. For making our food, home, clothes, and everything we needs. We use animals for our food, as our pet, and our house guardian. We use plants for our food, clothes, and house furnitures. By observing and learning about it we can maximize our potential. We learn that cow produce milk, so we harvest it for our food. We learn that the sap from a rubber tree can make a rubber, so we use it as material for our clothes and tires. Because we cannot create them from a scratch, we only transform nature into our needs.
The most basic and fundamental is to learn from the nature itself. To learn all the beauties, wonders, and surprises nature has to offer us. Until now humans still far from understanding everything completely. It seems like whenever everything looks clear, there will be new theories to improve it.
We can take the positive behaviors of nature, to be working with others in harmony. We learn to be a better person like animals. Eventhough animals are primal and primitive, we can learn a really good teamwork just by looking to the army of ants marching together, the hardwork of animals for feeding their offsprings, and the patient of a tiger, wauting for the right moment to strikes. Not only for attitude and moral value, we tend to observe it and receive inspirations for technology and science. From the drop of an apple we discover a strong force of gravity. By observing the birds, we are able to create a flying machine ourself. Through that technology our life become easier and more prosper. Our technologies have rooms for improvements. Our potentials are great, we even have not reached far in outer space. But learning from nature takes great responsibility. Many people observe but also destroy things. Many just take as much as they could get. They doesn't care about nature, they only care about themself. We should not be greedy for wealth and exploitation. We must be responsible for our actions and the results of them. We may not feel it now but later generations will. The effects are permanent and cannot changed if we do not change. If later generations don't have any nature to observe, learn from, and use for their needs. We will doomed them if we act recklessly.

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