Senin, 24 April 2017


When I was in junior high school (SMPN 1 Bandung), I had a best friend. His name is Hatta Rizqur Rahman Muharram, he is the same age with me. He was a very kind, cheerful, and also serious. We was interested in Star Trek, a famous tv series. He also had the same interests with me, we both loved science fiction. We also coincidentally went into the same class for three years. We sat together in the class for lessons. We also followed the same extracuricullar, that was boyscout (pramuka).

There are a lot of things I experienced with him, because I met him both in boyscout and in class. He became the leader of the boyscout and very responsible. Usually we went studying together, played together, and prayed together. He was very kind and cheerful with everyone.

The thing that inspired me, was the passion that he had on his dream. He wanted to be a flight technician, he was very specific and already learned the basic. He liked everything about plane. He read, he played simulator game, and had known the plane procedures.

I wanted to say Thank you for everything

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