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Dewa Athena

Dewa Athena
Dewa Athena is the name of SMAN 3 Bandung sport competition. Dewa Athena is the translation of Athene Gods,  because the first olympic was held there. Also, our school differentiates with other school. Normally other school held their events after the examination finished,  but our school do the event in the end of march and early April. The time of the event is divided by two, for the 11th grader and for us the 10th grader.  The 11th grader events are in the 21st-23rd of March, the 10th grader events are in the 25th March, 1st April, and 8th April. There are many sports for us to compete, there are dodgeball for boys and girls, badminton for boys and girls, volleyball, basketball, football, running competition, gobak sodor (traditional game), and tug of war. Gobak sodor is the only traditional sport that we play, it was a game especially for child. In gobak sodor we must win by passing every enemy team when we on the attacking side, if we play defensive we must stop the attacking team. If all the player of the enemy team can’t pass, the sides switch. Every class must participate by sending representatives for each of sport event.
My class is X IPA/Science 2, we already prepared for the event. We have decided every representatives for each sport event, we even made our very own jersey just for the event.  So at Saturday morning I went there early, I arrived before the event had started. Some of my friends were already there, but the event was delayed for about 40 minutes from the schedule. The opening ceremony took place in the basketball court, and the first game that day was my class competing in basketball. I didn’t play, but I was watching the whole match. We won and it was a pretty close game, it was very exciting. I played gobak sodor with my class, but we didn’t win. My class also played the tug of war but we also lost to other class. So, the boys only won the basketball game. I didn’t play anything after that, I only watched other class play. But the girls in our class won two events, they won dodgeball and badminton. After that, we had a break time to pray and to eat. So I ate some foods and do my prayer in the mosque nearby. There are still some events after break time, so my friends and I went back to watch other events. I didn’t go home because I was waiting to watch my friend play badminton. He was scheduled to play at 3 pm. I watch other badminton match with my friends, waiting for his turn. So at 3 pm my friends played badminton, and they won the event . The match was really exciting because they were really good at playing badminton. After that match I went home at around 3.40 pm.  It was the first day of the event  and there are still more sport events in the second day. 

On the second day of Dewa Athena 1st April, I went late from my home so I arrived late to the event. As expected, the first match was delayed. So I still waited for the event  and it started around 7.30 am. The first match was not my class playing. But I watched the football match, because later my class team was scheduled to play. So when my class team played, all of my class were watching together. We cheered for our class, the match was pretty close. But we lost to them with the score 4-5, but I think my team is really good when they played and they already done the best. I watched other class played, but my class didn’t  play for a while. So I read e-book to pass the time, then my class follow the running competition. My class didn’t win that, but we win the girls dodgeball.  Then my friends and I had a break, we ate and went to do our prayer in the mosque nearby.  After break time I was waiting again to see my friends play badminton. The first to compete are the girls, they did their best but they lost. Then we watch other matches before my friends start playing.  When my friends played, one of my friend didn’t play because he played volleyball. But he was substituted by my other friend.  So my friends still played and they won again. After that I went home. The third day wasn’t started yet. It will at 8th April. The final, the decider.

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